Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Broken Foot

A week ago Monday, I broke my foot. I got tangled up in the dog's rope. The dog took off and I went airborne. I went to my doctor who told me this type of injury is non-castable. So, I have buddy taped a couple toes and I am wearing a special shoe. It's been a week and I'm over it.

The doc, whom I have been going to for 16 years, told me it would take 4-6 weeks to heal if I'm "good". Then he glared at me. He knows me. He knows that I am independent, stubborn and hate limitations. I am ready to put on a regular shoe and get on with life - except the foot still hurts. Doc said let pain be my guide. It's still too painful for regular footwear.

Do you know what I'm missing out on? Walking through campus, walking my new puppy, working out, etc. What am I supposed to learn from this experience? Hmm - maybe how to have a sedentary workout, or which shoes are the same height as my special shoe (so far, only my sandals qualify - bummer on rainy days), or what it feels like to be semi-ambulatory in a 100% ambulatory world.

It is with much grumbling that I put on the special shoe each morning. It is with much groaning that I walk slower in order to accommodate my injury. It is with much unhappiness that I am relegated to the couch in the evenings (to elevate and ice my injury) instead of being outside walking the dogs or running. I am not a very good patient. I just hope this heals quickly and completely.

(Exasperated sigh!) At least my car is an automatic. Stay tuned . . .

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