Saturday, February 20, 2010

Volleyball, Homework and a New Daughter-in-Law

Let me begin at the end. My oldest son, Aaron, got engaged on Tuesday, 2-16-10. I am going to be a mother-in-law. I hope I will be a good one. Ashley is a wonderful girl and we love her tremendously!

I am in Louisville, KY this weekend with Megan at her second club volleyball tournament. The team lost all four of their matches today. They just are not functioning as a team. With the exception of two girls (Megan and Corrie), these girls have never played together before. One girl even drives from Rogersville, which is two hours from Knoxville, just to be a part of this team. Two other girls on the team attend an exclusive private school in Knoxville and don't seem to want to be "team players". That is frustrating to Megan because she definitely IS a team player. Today has been a lesson in learning to play as a team and teaching others to do the same.

As usual, I have hauled both my mini and my full-sized laptops with me to do homework between matches. I used the full-sized laptop in the hotel room and the mini on the road. I am still trying to get a grasp on Indian Philosophy. I had to finish reading a book about Yoga, which I found quite interesting. I am also reading "The Deeds of Louis the Fat" for a paper in Medieval Kingship which is due the week after spring break.

Perhaps the point of this post is best described as "Time Management". In the midst of shrill whistles blaring, parents cheering and the loud popping of well-hit volleyballs, I have to be able to concentrate on what I am reading. How do I do that? I take notes on what I've just read. I don't like to underline or highlight in the book because I sell books. Taking notes serves to cement the concepts I've just read. Of course, when Megan is playing, she is my focus. But when we are between matches, my mini and my books are my focus. I am getting to the point where I can pretty much study anywhere.

One of the best skills a nontrad can learn is time management. If you know you are going to have time in your day when you have to wait somewhere - in the carpool line, at the doctor's office, at a dance lesson, on the bus or the train - take your homework with you. Make the best use of your time. If you make the best use of your time during the day, you will have time at the end of your day for what matters the most - your family. Good luck. Stay tuned . . .

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