Monday, September 19, 2011

Are You Auditing?

Someone recently asked me that question after I told them I was taking a class this semester. I never thought of auditing the class. If I chose to audit, I would not have had to take exams, etc. Why would I want to do that? For me, the reason to continue taking classes is to exercise my brain. Studying for exams, writing papers, and reading for the class are all ways that challenge my "aging" brain. I enjoy being in the classroom, learning about different subjects and interacting with my classmates and professor.

There has been a great deal written about "lifetime learning". One does not necessarily need to be in the classroom to be a lifetime learner. Learning happens every day.

Are you thinking about returning to school? Auditing a class is one idea. However, community colleges are cheaper than the four-year university and are always a great option for those "older" adults who want to get back into the classroom. One can also participate in personal and professional development courses that many universities offer. Don't be afraid to get your feet wet. There are many ways to ease back into the classroom. Google it and good luck! Stay tuned . . .


E. Sheppard said...

What a great subject. I really enjoyed the learning I received when I went back to school too. I agree that auditing would probably have a temptation attached to slow down or not study as hard. Good posting!

Pat Jackson said...

I'm a returning student and I'm going through the paces and finding my way. I have so much life/work experience yet it doesn't leave any really apply to the things I'm trying to accomplish. I've had to learn in a new way and to treat this whole experience not only as a means to an end by as an opportunity to develop the new skills I will need to be productive and vibrant in my new career path. I'm terrified, over-whelmed and excited so I forge ahead. Thank you for sharing your story & shining your light at the end of the tunnel for me!!1