Monday, April 26, 2010

One Step at a Time

The end of the semester is now officially less than a week away. Yea! My first final is on Friday - the last day of class. The prof is giving us the option to take it then or take it on the day the final is really scheduled for. I am opting for Friday.

Prom was ok. Megan looked beautiful. It's just that nothing in high school is done without high drama. Such is life. At least I got some valuable insight about her this weekend that I hope will lead to making some good decisions about her future. Now, we just need to get through graduation! I know I will cry my eyes out!

I am in the throes of writing a paper for Asian Studies, studying for finals, editing faculty directories on the department website, finalizing (for the umpteenth time) the department newsletter and learning the department desktop publishing software so I can do the department newsletter, the graduate brochure and possibly the annual report. Hey, I used to have small children - I am used to juggling running chainsaws.

Just need to take it all one step at a time . . . and wear steel-toed boots! Stay tuned . . .

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