Thursday, October 7, 2010

And Now In the Center Ring . . .

Wow. I feel like I am juggling 50 running chainsaws! Hope I don't drop one! I finished with three out of the four mid-terms this week. I have an essay mid-term in History due next Thursday (10/14). Fall break is today and tomorrow. I am in the office today working on conference things for an Electrical Engineering professor. He asked yesterday if I could help him and has given me a week to pull it all together. Well . . . . It will happen. I am taking tomorrow off as a mental health day. Going with a friend to the Museum of Appalachia's Fall Homecoming and the Greekfest! Great food, great music, great friend! :)

My chainsaws? Three have been removed, thank God. Got a 91 on my Spanish oral exam. Not sure about Sociology and Geology. Another running chainsaw is that I may have to take History 499 next semester, which would bring my total hours to 15. The class is a research/writing intensive class that is now required for History majors. Add to that the fact that I have to take another Sociology class and petition it in to replace one I need for my minor that is not being taught next semester - running chainsaw #2.

The conference, the annual report and other department projects, and the addition of History 499 (like I have nothing better to do with my life) - all are running chainsaws. Am I talented and coordinated enough to keep all these running chainsaws in the air??? If I don't pass Spanish, I will have to take an intensive Intermediate Spanish class which will bring my load to 18 hours. It could be raining chainsaws by mid-February next semester. I just want to graduate and get on with life in grad school!!! Waaaaa!!!

Okay, so what can I learn from all this? There is always a lesson in every life experience.
1. Take a deep breath and don't sweat the small stuff. If I can't petition away History 499, that's okay. It will make me a better researcher.
2. Take it one day at a time. Make a list of what to accomplish today and celebrate the little victories.
3. Remember that this, too, shall pass.
4. Celebrate the fact that I am in school, that my children love me, that I have a job I love, that I have great profs and classmates and friends. Celebrate life!

And hope that it doesn't ever rain running chainsaws! Stay tuned . . .

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E. Sheppard said...

Wow. Just hearing you describe your possible jobs as chainsaws tells me something. But at the same time, you are counting your blessings. I hope you get credit, and don't have to take extra classes. I am rooting for you!