Monday, October 25, 2010

Patience is a Virtue

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering if I was going to be able to graduate on time. Changing my minor in my last year of school seems to have been a bit of a reckless decision, especially when that minor is brand new and doesn't have all the bugs worked out yet. I feel like a guinea pig. However, I thought that since I want to get my Master's in Environmental History, a minor in Environmental Science would be a better choice than a minor in Geology, even though I still love Geology and will always be a geonerd.

Two weeks ago, I was informed I would need to take yet another history course. No biggie since it is my major. Yes biggie since it is a three hour once-a-week research seminar. (Exasperated sigh) I am hoping to be able to petition out of it, but in the event that I can't, well . . . it will give me an extra bump for grad school. Last week, I was informed the economics class I wanted to take had a pre-requisite that I could not get out of taking, even though I have taken two economics class without it. The alternative economics class conflicted with another class I need. I spoke to my Geo prof, who is the head of the Environmental Sciences program. He offered another option that we are going to petition to be included in the minor - an Anthropology class, "The Politics of Oil". So far, I am petitioning one sociology class for another (due to the original class not being offered in the spring), the anthro class for an econ class and History 407 (Senior Thesis) for History 499 (Senior Research Seminar).

Come to think of it, I ought to petition for a General Studies minor since I will have 50 more credits than I need to in order to graduate. I wonder if that is even a possibility? By the time I graduate, I will be soo well-rounded. Wow. Stay tuned . . .

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E. Sheppard said...

I hope it works out to get the class OK'd. Let us know!