Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Can See the Finish Line!!

Today is the last day of classes here at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. I am soo glad to bid adieu to this semester! This has been one of the most intense semesters I have had in my college career because of Sociology and Spanish. I had a choice to take another Sociology class from the same prof next semester and I chose not to take the class. I can't take wide-open in-your-face for two semesters in a row, especially when next semester will be my last.

Yesterday morning, I had a Geology final and the Listening Comprehension portion of my Spanish final. I think (hope) I did well on both. I am not shooting for the Dean's List or for a perfect 4.0 semester this time around. This has been one of those, "I just wanna survive this semester!!" semesters. I think everyone has one of those now and again.

What have I learned from this semester? Let me go class by class:
1. Geology - I loved this class! As always, take good notes, pay attention and when a classmate needs notes, don't be afraid to volunteer yours. The favor will be returned when you most need it.
2. History - Read, read, read. And don't be afraid to interject a little humor.
3. Sociology - Have grace with your fellow group members. Always point out the good things they are doing. Get to know the prof. And don't be afraid to interject a little humor.
4. Spanish - (groan) Vocabulary, vocabulary, vocabulary. Study the vocabulary until your eyes cross. Have a "can do" attitude and don't be afraid to interject a little humor.

Also, don't be afraid to participate in class - answer questions, make comments, etc. The profs like warm, LIVE bodies, not just a bunch of sticks in the mud. If the prof is passionate enough about his/her subject to get up in front of a classroom full of blank faces and teach for 6-10 hours a week, the students should at least pay attention and participate.

I am off to do some Christmas shopping on Saturday with a close friend - major downtime! I am looking forward to it. Hope your semester ends well and you finish strong! Stay tuned . . .

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flit said...

2 more weeks for me... but I ~cheated~ and got all the readings and weekly papers for my one course done ahead of time so that I can BREATHE now...

and start studying for my comps... but hey...at least I can breathe while I'm doing that.