Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall Break

Campus looks like a ghost town! It's fall break here and campus is deserted. It's been cold and rainy. The wind is blowing the leaves around like tumbleweeds as the lone car on campus putters down Volunteer Boulevard. One can almost hear the theme from "The Good, The Bad and The Ugly" wafting through the hallways as the eagle screeches overhead.

Okay, so I've watched too many westerns. I grew up in Arizona, home of the original Old West ghost towns. There are still people and cars on campus, just not as many. I think there was more activity on campus during the summer than there is over fall break! I know Christmas break will be even worse! Such is life.

I am working over fall break because a) my counterpart decided to take off for three days, b) my boss is off on Fridays and needed me here and c) if I stayed home, I'd do absolutely nothing! This way, I get a chance to catch up on homework, work on Electrical Engineering workshop logistics and catch up on homework. Did I mention I was catching up on homework? Such is the life of a student.

It's good to have a break from classes. Everyone needs a little mental health time now and then. Come Monday, we jump right back into school and mid-terms. Yea! Stay tuned . . .

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