Friday, October 2, 2009

Shout out to PSCC Non-Trads

Borrowing a page from Tina Fain's Sara Palin playbook, I'd like to give a shout out to the PSCC Non-Trads. Hey, Y'all! Betsy leads a non-trad support group at one of the local community colleges. We have exchanged several emails about "older students", non-trads.

Deb Peterson has blogged about the opportunities available at the community college. I, too, have extolled the advantages and virtues of the community college because I have been a community college non-trad as well. There have been several times over the past couple of years when I have taken classes at the university AND at the community college. I've been a bi-schooler. It is doable!

I applaud Betsy and her desire to walk through the non-trad experience with so many people. It's not easy being a non-trad when you have a job, a family, a mortgage, aging parents, a special needs child, etc. It takes courage to go back to school when life is happening all around you. The best thing to do as a nontrad is to get into a support group, to be in a like-minded community.

Thank you, Betsy, and all the other Betsys out there who are willing to walk down this road with us. God bless you! Stay tuned . . .

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