Friday, May 21, 2010

Never Too Old

"I'm too old!" That seems to be the most common excuse to not go back to school. I am of the firm belief that one is never too old to go back to school. Learning should be a lifelong pursuit. Writing papers, studying, taking notes - it's all like changing diapers. You never quite forget how to do it!

While it may be true that age affects the way we learn, studies have shown that learning is good for your brain! Intellectual activity keeps those neurons strong and firing! I want healthy neurons, don't you??

If you are one of several thousands of people who are considering returning to school, what's holding you back? If age is one thing, forget about it! Returning to school as an older student is like jumping off the high dive at the neighborhood pool. Get out on the diving board, hold your breath and JUMP! You may scream until you hit the water, but then you realize the experience is quite exhilarating!

Life is an adventure to be lived! Don't be satisfied with rocking chair atrophy! Get out there and exercise your mental muscles and neurons. So what if it takes you another four years to finish a two-year degree? Next year when I graduate, it will have taken me 31 years to get my Bachelor's degree!

Thinking of returning to school but feel like you're to old? Hogwash! Just do it!! Stay tuned . . .