Monday, May 24, 2010


The title of this post is a catch-all - don't really have a title, but wanted to catch up on some "stuff".

Michael Antonio Dicianna in a fellow nontrad out in the western part of the United States. Check out his blog at I like the title of his blog, "Nontraditional Student Reaching Lifelong Goals". I think that pretty much says it for most nontrads - that we are setting and reaching those lifelong goals. Kudos to Michael on his latest A+ research paper. Fascinating topic.

Kudos as well to Studentmum, too. She survived another challenging term as well as a move to a new house.

I ended up Cum Laude this semester, so I did make the Dean's List!! Ya, baby! This old gal still has it!

Got Megan graduated, so the next step is to get her to college in once piece in August. I will cry all the way home. The week with grandparents was okay. Current situation (divorce) has everyone on edge. Let's just say the time could have gone a lot better than it did. But, it's over, Megs is no longer in high school and we are all moving forward.

Oldest son moved up his wedding date to March 12, 2011 - the weekend before spring break. Hopefully it won't be snowing that weekend! Youngest son is living in Chattanooga in the frat house for the summer and will soon be working two jobs.

So, what are the words of wisdom from this post? Life goes on - make the most of it. It may seem sometimes that we are so busy, we see life as a blur. I would encourage you while you have some down time this summer, to stop and not let life pass you in a blur, but actually watch what is going on around you - in your family, in your relationships, in your community. Take time to reconnect with your "sphere of influence" - people, places, activities. Take time to enjoy life - laugh, have some cotton candy, and take the dog (or the neighbor's dog) for a walk. It will do wonders for your mental health! Stay tuned . . .

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