Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

I just finished reading Studentmum's latest post. She said she felt bad because there wasn't much going on to write about. Unless one is in summer school, there may not be much to write about that is applicable to being a nontrad. So, how are you spending your down time? Cleaning, sorting, vacationing? I am getting my daughter ready to go to college.

If you are like me and your school year is very intense, you need this time to relax, regroup, refresh. You can't go great guns all year long without burning out. If you are not summer schooling it, be grateful. Take this time to plan for next year. Be proactive by doing things like:

1. Make an appointment with your advisor. Chances are he/she may be out of town for the summer, but email them and get on their "gotta get back to" list. This is a "student academic health check" appointment. Are you where you should be with respect to the classes and the number of hours you need? Don't wait until the last minute, like when you are a few weeks away from graduation, to do your academic health check.
2. Reserve or buy your books. Avoid the rush. Set up the textbook rental if that's how you get your textbooks. Don't wait until the last minute here, either.
3. Figure out what you and the kids will need as far as supplies, clothes, etc. Start watching now for sales.
4. Do a "dry run" on getting to sleep on time at night, getting up on time in the morning, etc. Make a game of it. Tell the kids it's called "School Practice".
5. Clean out one closet. It will feel good to be at least that productive over the summer.

Are there other things you need to check on before school starts? Do you have your financial aid? Do the kids have their immunizations? If you do stuff like that now, you will avoid the rush later. Avoiding the rush makes life easier. And I am all for making my nontrad existence just a little bit easier.

So, see? There's always something to write about!! Stay tuned . . .

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