Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Working Hard For What You Want

When I was growing up, my mom told me that working for something would make me appreciate it more as opposed to just having it handed to me. I think once I finally get my diploma, I am not going to have it framed and hang it on my wall, I am going to have it stuffed and make it into a pillow so I can sleep with it! Sheesh!

Yes, sometimes all the obstacles that are thrown in our way make us want to quit. Sometimes we have revised our "Plan B" so many times that we have gone through truck loads of pink erasers or reams of computer paper or cases of Kleenex!

When times like this happen - you're once again revising your Plan B - put down the pencil and take a minute to look back at where you've been. Retrace your steps. How many detours have you taken? How many naysayers have you silenced? How many profs have you had to prove yourself to? How many late night study groups have you commiserated with? How many good grades have you celebrated? How many goals have you already accomplished? You know what? You're almost there! You will appreciate your degree more because you have worked hard - REALLY HARD - for it! I plan on taking a nap on my diploma the day after I graduate. Stay tuned . . .

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Caz said...

And I bet your nights will be filled with sweet dreams! Thanks.