Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Counting Down

Classes start at the University of Tennessee a week from today. I finally have my schedule tweaked so I am only taking 13 hours instead of 16. Plan Q has proved successful thus far. Megan is working the next couple of weeks to get her stuff sorted and packed so we can take her down to school on August 21. Last fall represented a major milestone in Megan's life - her senior year. This fall is my final senior year - hopefully!

As I prepare for my final year, for Megan's first year in college away from home, my first year as an empty-nester and a host of other changes I am sure that I am not yet aware of, I am excited and scared. You know the feeling - like the first day of kindergarten. Remember that? Your own first day as a child and your first child's first day. The excitement, yet the fear all at the same time - kinda made you want to throw up and run to find your mom. The thing is, throwing up is not an option and I AM the mom. So, I need to suck it up, hold it together and walk forward with confidence and grace.

I am looking forward to this semester. I have two Geology classes - Paleobiology and Earth as an Ecosystem (with the infamous Dr. Mike McKinney again), Intermediate Spanish I and the History of Appalachia. Good stuff. Lots of writing, memorizing and lab work. I can smell the late night latte now! As usual, I am jazzed about the new semester. And as usual, I am sure once the end of November rolls around, I will be ready for the semester to end.

Once again, what do I do to prepare? This semester is a little different because of Megan's departure and her dad's job loss. I am going to review my previous posts about cutting college costs and getting ready for the semester. In the meantime-
1. I will make sure I have a good support system in place. I am going to take advantage of the Student Counseling Services. There are many services on campus that are free for students - the writing lab, counseling services, etc. They are there for YOUR use - take advantage of them.
2. I will introduce myself to my profs after class and find out where their offices are. Chances are, I may need to pop in and make use of their office hours at some point.
3. I will also take the time to visit a couple of my past history profs. I will need letters of recommendation soon and I need to catch up with some of my profs.
4. I will look for sales on the school supplies I need. I will also watch for sales for Megan. Neither one of us needs all of our notebooks to be from our school - those embossed collegiate notebooks can get expensive! I'm over the novelty of it all, Megan probably is not. She can have two collegiate embossed notebooks!
5. I will make sure both Megan and I have a planner to write down assignment due dates, exam dates, etc. A planner is a major time management tool we both need to take full advantage of.

I am counting down the days until I start school and until I take Megan down to Georgia. One I am jazzed about, the other is a bittersweet event.

A quick shout out to the PSCC Nontrads - Hey, y'all!! Good luck this semester!! And good luck to all the nontrads out there - new, continuing and finishing. Stay tuned . . .

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Nicki said...

Good luck this year! I am in my senior year too only I have to take 20 credits this semester. I am crappin' my pants! I keep telling myself, "one day closer to the degree!" Then it is off to Grad school for my masters. That is when I will be sending my daughter off to college. I had to stop myself from crying while I read your blog! Good luck to you and I hope you have a wonderful semester!