Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Hen Has Landed

A with a loud, "Squawk!!" the semester begins. I survived my first day - two classrooms did not have air conditioning, all three classrooms were overcrowded, and I only got lost once. What are some handy-dandy tips, ideas, etc. I can take away from today?

1. Make sure my water bottle is full before each class. It's sweltering here in the southeast.
2. Make sure to participate in each class. My classmates may think I'm brown-nosing, but the profs like student participation.
3. Do not be afraid to help a classmate in need. One of my Geo 320 classmates is on crutches. I was her extra pair of hands this morning.
4. Acknowledge folks I know from previous classes, even if it's the TA in the class. I did not acknowledge Will in Geo 320 (one of the TA's who was my lab instructor last year for Geo 101)and I'm sure he will have a smarty pants comment for me on Friday.
5. Say "thank you" as often as possible. I had a lot of doors held for me today. (Is that because I am a woman or an "older" woman? Hmmm . . . .) I made sure I said "thank you" to everyone who held the door for me.

Tomorrow I only have my Appalachian History class in the afternoon. I am looking forward to it. Once again, this semester will be a challenge - fossils (Paleobiology) and Spanish look to be the two roughest classes so far. But, as anyone who follows me knows, I love a good challenge! Dean's List, here I come!!!

How about you? Does anyone else have good first day of school experience worth sharing? Stay tuned . . .

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Caz said...

Class participation actually accounts for 20% of our overall mark at my uni. A good idea, as it soon gets everyone out of their shell. Although it's not usually a problem for the mature age student, some of the younger ones find it difficult.