Thursday, August 12, 2010

Taking Shape

I am always amazed as I watch a potter work with a lump of clay. They take a shapeless lump of something and make it into a beautiful work of art. Today, I am that potter. The shapeless lump of clay is this semester. This morning, I slapped that clay on my potter's wheel and began to mess with it. It is beginning to take shape.

I have Megan's volleyball tournaments plugged into my planner. Funny how I still cannot escape volleyball tournaments! I guess I will be volleyballing it for the next four years. Go, Spike! (That was her orientation nickname.)

Next week, this lump of clay known as fall semester will continue to take shape as my classes begin. I am hoping the work of art produced at the end of it all will yield a diploma come May. Keep your fingers (and toes and eyes) crossed for me!

How about you? What does your lump of clay look like? Is it beginning to take shape? I know I will have to pound it out a couple times during the semester and try again, but I am hoping this semester will produce another work of art like last semester did (Dean's List!).

Good luck. Have fun pounding out this lump of semester! May it produce a work of art! Stay tuned . . .

1 comment:

Nicki said...

My lump looks like a pottery wheel gone amuk and clay is spewed all over the place....and classes don't start until Sept. 1st! Maybe pottery isn't my thing! =) Good luck!