Monday, January 24, 2011

What Color is Your Pace Car?

Once again, I have a motorsports reference for my title. Does anyone know what a pace car is? It is the car (vehicle) that is out in front of the pack of NASCAR cars, Indy cars, etc. that sets the pace for the first "introductory" lap of the race. It is an honor to be the pace car (manufacturer - Toyota, Ford, etc.), to be in the pace car as a passenger and to be driving the pace car. The pace car makes sure the drivers don't start off too fast and end up getting jumbled up even before they begin the race.

I was thinking about this semester and how I will need to pace myself for the work ahead, especially since it is my last semester. Favorite colors are very telling of our personalities. I thought I'd go out on a limb here and not only encourage my fellow nontrads to pace themselves this semester, but also the best way to pace what color you are. Try this (hope you don't take this too seriously!!):

My pace car is:
1. Red- I am high-strung, non-nonsense, git-'er-done. I am a high achiever and I have already read all my books for the all my classes for the semester. I have explosive energy and am an early riser. However, if I don't watch out and learn to temper my energy, I will get burned out quickly and find myself existing on Red Bull and No-Doze - neither one of which is good for my body. I need to remember to slow down.
2. Orange - I am a cautious and run in the middle of the pack if I run at all. I sit in the back half of class and am very observant of my classmates. I will only volunteer the answer to a question if no one else does and the prof looks exasperated, even though I would much rather someone else participate than me. I tend toward shyness. I need to remember to assert myself.
3. Yellow- I am similar to red, except I am not as explosive. I am perky, full of energy and mostly happy. I want to get everyone in class together for a study group and I'll make chocolate chip cookies to bring to the group!! It doesn't matter what the weather looks like, you will always see me smiling and finding the good in life! I need to remember that not everyone likes "perky".
4. Fuscia - I am INTENSE! I am the girl in the back of the class who never stops talking! I run the risk of burning out like my friend, Red, because I have such high energy, however, IcantalkyourearoffatamileaminuteandnotletyougetawordinedgwisebecauseInevertakeabreathor pausebetweenmywords! YouknowwhoIam!!! I need to remember to shut up.
5. Green - I am quietly content to plug along in life. I am laid back, nothing bothers me, I don't stress out about stuff - like exams and research papers. I laugh at the prof's subtle jokes because I just get them. You'll find me at the local coffee house or pizza place, often with my prof and other "heady" associates. We're just killin' time. I need to remember to put a little more gas behind it.
6. Blue- I am definitely not a morning person. The weather severely affects my moods. I finished my research papers at least a month in advance. There is a place for everything and everything in its place. I am usually the first one in class and the last one out because I have to talk to the prof after every class. I need to remember to find balance.
7. Purple - Don't bug me, man. I'm in a haze. I don't remember anything.
8. Brown - Let's get down to the nitty gritty. I take my notes on my laptop and my flash drive is my best friend. When I'm not studying, I'm on the net playing the latest version of Warcraft or Halo. My friends sometimes call me a geek. I fantasize about being the young Jeff Bridges character in "Tron: Legacy". I need to remember that life is NOT a video game.
9. Black - I just wanna get through this semester and graduate.
10. White - It's all new to me!! I'm so excited!! I have coordinating notebooks, folders, and pens for each class! I clean my laptop everyday! I love a Venti Mocha Latte Triple Shot every morning! I sit in the front row and make annoying eye contact with the prof! I'm always at his or her office for their office hours even if I don't need to be! I love school! I need to remember that, heck - it's algood!

You may find your pace car to be a combination of a couple colors, or you may even find you're one color with racing stripes of another color or colors! Whatever color your pace car is, make sure you follow it and pace yourself appropriately through the semester. (I'm green with yellow racing stripes.) Stay tuned . . .

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