Monday, June 27, 2011

Comments on Comments - Encouraging Words

I receive many great comments on this blog. Thank you to all who leave a few words of encouragement, of clarification, etc. It's great to hear about other non-trads' experiences.

Douglas commented that his last experience with college was rough because of ADHD. Now that he is aware of the ADHD, he can better tailor his college experience to work around how the ADHD affects his life. How many other nontrads are facing a similar situation? Kudos to Douglas as forges ahead and achieves his goals!

Jan commented that she will be writing an MA dissertation this summer. That's another good way to battle summer brain drain - writing! Good luck to Jan as she soldiers through writing and defending her thesis.

I am proud of all my fellow nontrads who are working through a multitude of experiences and life situations in order to obtain their degrees. I think of the STARS group at Pellissippi State - Blount County, Studentmum, Michael Dicianna and others who are focusing on their academics as life happens all around them. It takes a great deal of fortitude and focus to be a nontrad. Hang in there, stay focused and keep moving toward your degree. Let us know how it's going!! Stay tuned . . .

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E. Sheppard said...

It's kind of like having a whole bunch of friends in town also going back to school. I find the internet a lot like that sometimes. Thank goodness for all the great and helpful people I met while going back to school. I love it. Go, fellow nontrads!