Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer School

I am enjoying my summer school class, Cultural Anthropology. It is nice to be in class and not be stressed out about it - I am taking this class for fun. Last night we were talking about material possessions and how they relate to our identity. The teacher asked the class the following question, "You are in a foreign country and don't speak the language. What five things would you take with you that would tell the people of that country about you?" I chose: a picture of my children, my diploma, a book, my Bible and an American flag. It's been a very interesting class so far.

I have blogged before about the advantages of summer school. I think that deserves a re-visit:
Good Things about Summer School
1. No tan line
2. You don't smell like sunscreen
3. You don't need to wear a hat
4. That Philosophy class you were dreading is only 8 weeks long
5. Not as much homework
6. No sand in your bikini bottom
7. You can wear your Birkenstocks and Bermuda shorts and fit right in
8. Smaller classes
9. Your teacher has his "office hours" at Starbucks
10. It's ok to take your shoes off
11. It's still daylight out when you get out of class at 9pm

If you're new to the nontrad community, summer school, especially at the community college, is worth a second look. The atmosphere is more casual and not as intense, although you only have 8 weeks for the class as opposed to 16. Think about it! Stay tuned . . .

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