Friday, June 12, 2009

Finish What You Started

I am a charter member of the Procrastinator's Anonymous Club. I keep saying I am going to clean out my garage, organize my room, etc. I always find excuses to put those things off - tomorrow. One thing I can't put off, though, is my getting my degree.

I was talking recently to a lady who is in her early 50's who went back to school a few years ago to get her doctorate. It took her six years, but she did it. Deb is an English prof here at UT. She told me 80% of all folks who start out in the PhD marathon never complete it. She said she wanted to be in the 20% who finished that race.

I was looking for something else recently and came across this listing at a university back east: It is for a Bachelor's of University Studies. The program sounds really great! I thought, "Now there's something I can major in!" I love being a student. Why not get a Bachelor's in it? Cool!

The program sounds like it's geared toward folks who aren't quite sure what they want to do, but know they need to get a degree. How marketable is a degree in University Studies? It can be a springboard for other things. I wish other universities would come up with a program like the University of Hartford. Perhaps it would be motivation for more people to return to school and finish what they started.

The new job is going well. I love being on campus. Stay tuned . . . .

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