Monday, June 8, 2009

New Adventures

Ah, the end of the first day of the new job. It went well. My boss said she is very glad to have me there. Two of us occupy the position - I am the morning "girl" and Felicia is the afternoon "girl". I may stick around one day this week to meet her.

Julia, my new boss, was telling me horror stories about the most recent girls who occupied the position Felicia and I are in now. I know I will be able to get in there and make a good impression and do a good job in that position. Julia told me that the way I will know if I have been accepted by the faculty is if they stop by my desk and ask me to do something for them - mail something, type something, etc. She said it took her a good 6 months before that happened to her. I hope it doesn't take me that long.

I got to work early this morning - 7:45am (I take the bus in and it drops me off in front of the building at that time). Julia was so impressed that when she introduced me around, she said, "And she was here early!" What a hoot!

It was nice to get off work in the middle of the day, to actually take a lunch and to get stuff done in the afternoon at home (grocery shopping, mow the lawn, etc). I know I need to use this time wisely because before long, I will be back in school and will need to use it as study time.

I have my running shoes, my hiking boots, my backpack, my walking stick, my water bottle - anything else? Oh, yes - a good attitude and an eagerness for new adventures! Stay tuned . . .

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