Monday, August 31, 2009

In The Thick of Things

School is now well under way. I had my first quiz last Friday in my Medieval History class and I have a paper due in Cultural Geography on Sept. 8. Nothing like jumping in with both feet the first couple weeks of class. And to top it all off, my daughter has the swine flu and I have a cold. I am trying to get through my classes today so I can go home and go straight to bed. I may have to miss my Geo lab tonight. Such is life.

I have not seen many adult students so far this semester. I have seen perhaps three adult students. I'm sure I will see more as the semester progresses. I am not sure if we have an Adult Student Association on campus anymore. I am supposed to have lunch one of these days with someone from the Dean of Student's office to talk about adult students.

Not much else going on this last day of August other than I can't believe the summer is over. Where did it go? Gearing up for a busy semester. Stay tuned . . .


Caz said...

Good luck with it all and enjoy the ride!

E. Sheppard said...

Let me know if you have a group there on campus. I will add it to my website. Swine flu?? Wow. I hope your daughter is OK and your family too. What a way to start off your new semester! Hang in there, Zickbee.