Monday, September 14, 2009

Exam-ingly Exhausted

Getting to bed late again - that will be the norm for this week. Wow - one quiz, three exams and a minor project. My last exam (in this round) is a week from today. This being a full-time student stuff is hard work! I am grateful to my boss for allowing me to use the vacant office next to hers as a quiet place to study.

I think I am breaking one of the cardinal rules of exam taking - get a good night's sleep (right, Elizabeth?). I am getting used to the full days and full nights. School and volleyball (daughter) take up 95% of my time. What do I do for fun?

We had a volleyball tournament in Charleston, SC over Labor Day weekend. On Sunday, my husband and I took a boat out to Ft. Sumter, where the Civil War began. Then we took a carriage ride through Historic Charleston. It was very cool! I was so excited about it. When I told my daughter, she called me a nerd. Yes, I am a Histo-nerd and proud of it!

Need to turn in for the night - History of Mexico essay exam tomorrow (groan!). I want to make the Dean's list this semester. Stay tuned . . .

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