Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Weather is Changing

It seems that here in K-Town, we have skipped right past fall and gone straight to winter. One day it was 80-something with unbearable humidity, then overnight, it went from a high in the 60's with a low in the 40's! Granted, to some that may seem like spring or summer, but to us folks here in the hills, it's a tad nippy!

The weather is changing for me personally as well. Deciding to return to school full time and work part time was like a deciding to wait out a hurricane! I thought, "I've been in school part time for a while now, full time should be a piece of cake!". Yes and no. Juggling my classes is not that hard, but finding resources for my senior thesis and making sure I get all my homework done is a challenge. I go to bed most nights mentally exhausted!

The "winds of change" are blowing. The last time I did the full time student on a college campus thing, I was 18 - almost 30 years ago! A great many things have changed - mainly, me. I am more mature, wiser and dealing with the fact that I need to start a serious exercise/diet (what I eat and how much) plan. Oh, the joys of being . . . my age (notice I did not use the dreaded "o" word?).

My daughter is a senior in high school. She will be going away to college to play volleyball for a small school five hours south of here. The weather is changing. In less than a year, it will just be me, hubby and dogs at home. Hasn't been that way in close to 23 years. The weather is changing. Come May, I will no longer have school-aged children. They will all be in college. The weather is changing.

There have been unexpected bright and sunny days in my personal forecast. I was asked to assist with a conference the Electrical Engineering Department is hosting. I am getting to know EE Department heads and their assistants from around the country. The department head and associate department head here at UT seem pleased with my work so far. My boss is pleased with my work and enjoys having me in the department. My cumulative GPA so far this semester is a B+. I may have a chance soon to go talk to a group of non-trads at a local community college.

In spite of the changing forecast, I'd say my weather overall has been pleasant. How's the weather in your life? Stay tuned . . .

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Hello from the Pellissippi State, Blount County non-trads!