Friday, May 29, 2009

I Did It!

I turned in my notice at work! I will be leaving my full time job June 5 and starting a part time job on campus at UT June 8 (in the Computer Science Department no less!). It will be alot less money, but I will get my foot in the door at the UT "system" and will be able to pursue my academic career goals full time.

Am I scared? Heck, yes! My mom and my in-laws think I'm stupid for doing this. My husband says to go for it. My kids are okay with it. So, sink or swim, here I go! Not only do I need running shoes, now I need floaties as well (won't that be an interesting sight on campus!). Wish me luck! Stay tuned . . .

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E. Sheppard said...

Good luck! I will be tuning in here to here about it. Let us know how it is going and what it is like for you, going back to school and your new job. Yay! You did it!