Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Is It Spring Yet??

I look out my window and watch the wind whipping around the magnolia branches as the students hurriedly walk past, bundled up against the cold. And it's 3:30 in the afternoon. I don't think it got any warmer than 35 today. Brrrr! What happened to springtime? Everyone I have talked to needs a serious dose of sunshine and warmth!

I am going to Phoenix on Monday to visit my Mom, my friends and to attend my 30th high school reunion. In the meantime, I have an exam tomorrow morning to get through. That will be the second exam this week. I got a "B" on the first one - a Geology exam. I also have two papers and a quiz due when I return from my spring break. Fun stuff.

However, I have been invited to attend a master class taught by Richard Harris, Senior Science writer for National Public Radio, on March 16th. Only a limited number of students will be in attendance. I am looking forward to it. I think the class will mesh well with my History major and Geology minor.

I am also trying to figure out my class schedule for Fall 2010. I think I may just take a class that I don't need just because I have always been interested in it - Introduction to Cartography. That would be cool.

My mind is racing, I think I am trying to get a cold and I need to study for tomorrow's exam. I definitely need spring break and warmer weather. I will be in hot pursuit of spring come Monday. I'll let you know if I find it. Stay tuned . . .


online colleges said...

Depending on where you are located, March is such a terrible month when you want warm weather. I'm in the Northeast, and one day I'm wearing flip flops and the next bundled up. That being said, 50 degree weather all week and then dropping to 40's over the weekend with rain. Bummer.

wwfd301 said...

Definately take the class! I finally decided to take Studio Art classes as elective this semester. Sooooooooooooo glad I did! Hang in there! My spring break is over on Monday. Sooo sad and didn't get all the studying done I needed to do during the break! Oh well.