Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Mao, Krishna and My Fall Schedule

We're on the homestretch - yea! The last day of classes for UT is April 30. In the meantime, most of my classmates have serious cases of spring fever and the motivation level of the average student has taken a serious hit. I am desperately trying not to fall into either one of those categories.

Next week is not a good week for me - two exams on Monday, one exam on Tuesday, and a research paper topic to pick. Everything seems to accelerate towards the end of the semester. To add to the craziness, I need to figure out my fall schedule as well. How do I keep my sanity and finish strong? I know I've share some of these things before, but they are worth repeating:

1. Prioritize - don't panic. Concentrate on one thing at a time. Of the two exams I have Monday, which class am I doing better in? I will peruse my notes for that one, hit some of the highlights and move on to studying for the exam in the other class. Monday night, I will study for the exam on Tuesday.

2. Review - I take good notes, I attend every class and I (mostly) stay awake during class. I will review my notes and any readings we had for the classes.

3. Ask questions - if I don't understand something, now is the time (in the next couple of days) to email my profs for clarification on anything. I will not wait until the last minute to clarify something I am not sure about.

4. Get a good night's sleep - this is always crucial before an exam. I don't want to fall asleep or not be clear-headed for the exam the next morning. Staying up all night long cramming for an exam is not the best thing to do.

5. Eat breakfast - I can concentrate better when I have eaten breakfast - my tummy is not growling and food acts as fuel for my brain.

It is supposed to a beautiful Easter weekend. I am going to enjoy the weather before I have to worry about Mao, Krishna and my fall schedule. Do you have exams coming up? Don't panic! Stay tuned . . .