Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Graduation Means to Me

I did it! I finally graduated with my degree in History, Environmental Studies minor. It has been a long road that at times was rather difficult. Yet, here I am. I finally have my degree.

What does graduation mean to me? It means the obvious - no more exams, papers and reading incredibly boring books. No more juggling study groups, group work or semester-long projects. It also means the not-so-obvious - I am strong, I am determined, I am capable. I am able to accomplish goals and I am not afraid to pursue my dreams. I am able to focus in spite of personal crisis.

Graduation also means I have a great network of profs, staff and classmates as an alum. It means I can get the license plate frame that says, "Alumni - University of Tennessee". It means that I can hold my head high in the midst of trials because I did something great! As a 40-something mother of three, I went back to college and got my degree!!

The most significant thing that graduation means to me is that I learned a great deal about myself. These past four years, and the years since I first set foot on a college campus in August of 1980 at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, have shown me that I do indeed have what it takes to pursue my dreams and achieve my goals. What next? Stay tuned to find out . . .


E. Sheppard said...

I will stay tuned. Congratulations on your achievement! I know how much focus and hard work going back to school takes. I look forward to hearing about what comes next.

Caz said...

Your blog has given me so much inspiration and encouraged me to keep going and fulfil my dreams!Congratulations on fulfilling yours!