Friday, May 27, 2011

Keep Plugging Along

I loved summer school when I was a full-time nontrad. Summer school is good for several reasons:
1. Shorter "semesters"
2. More compact lessons
3. Easier than the regular semester
4. If you don't particularly like the class, you're only in it for 8 weeks as opposed to 16.
5. You can study and tan at the same time.

I am a huge advocate of summer school, especially at night at the local community college. Being a nontrad is hard enough. Any chance you have to make it easier is a good thing. Summer school makes being a nontraditional student a little bit easier.

I will be taking one class this summer - Cultural Anthropology. Why? Because I want to stay in the mode of learning, studying and writing. Besides, I am too addicted to education to quit cold turkey now! I love learning. Now that I am "staff" at UT instead of "student", I can take classes (up to 9 hours) for free. I may as well take advantage of that perk!

To all my fellow nontrads who are also doing summer school, hang in there and keep plugging along. The end product, your degree, is well worth the effort you are making now. I start class June 8. Stay tuned . . .

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