Monday, December 29, 2008


As I face the New Year, I face some changes. Due to budget cuts, UT is "downsizing". That means that there will be fewer classes, they will be larger and, as always, I will see an increase in my tuition. So, that leaves me thinking, "If there will be fewer classes at UT, will it take longer to get my degree if I continue to do what I'm doing now (work full time and school)? Do I need to quit my job and go to school full time and work part time? How does the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame internship figure into all of this?? "

I tell my husband and my children that: a) Blessed are they who are flexible for they shall bend and not break, and b) always have a Plan B in case Plan A doesn't work out (have up to Plan Z if necessary!). I will have more information about future changes once I go through the WBHOF interview. Knowing changes are coming but not knowing what they are can be a bit unnerving.

Dear Abby told one of her readers this morning, "The New Year is about the begin. The less baggage you take into it, the better." 2008 was not a great year for me and it will soon be just another "learning experience". I need to resolve what needs to be resolved, forgive what needs to be forgiven and look forward to the New Year and the changes it will bring.

I am blessed - with family, friends and Hope. My wish for other nontrads this New Year is that you will continue to pursue your dreams. Don't let the economy, budget restraints at your school, or fear of change snuff out the flame that burns brightly within you. Fan that flame with encouragement and optimism and move forward! Good luck!

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