Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I remember when my children were little and we'd go to the public pool. They'd eventually want to go dive off the diving board, but they weren't quite brave enough to jump off alone. That meant that I would have to tread water (with my feet only - every try that??!! It's hard!!) under the diving board while holding out my arms to them, coaxing them to jump off into my waiting arms. After several episodes of that, they would work up the nerve to venture forth off the high dive. Not wanting to be the target of a failed physics experiment in acceleration, I would stand by the side of the pool and encourage my progeny to "Jump! You can do it! Just close your eyes and jump!"

Well, today I jumped. I submitted my cover letter and resume for the Woman's Basketball Hall of Fame Archive Intern position. I'm not sure they'll even be interested in me with my lack of archival experience. All I can so is submit my information. The position is unpaid, which means several things: we'll be functioning mostly on my husband's salary unless I get a part-time job somewhere, we'll have to stick to a bare-bones budget, there's potential for more stress especially in today's economy. But the experience would be incredible!! This is just the first step. If I don't get a call back for an interview, no biggie. I will stay at my full-time job and stick to the current plan.

This all comes on the heels of four months of unemployment for my husband. He started a new job mid-November. The Archive Intern position would be great, but it would be risky. I am a Christian and I believe God allows things in our life for a purpose. Is this His purpose? Don't know. I do know that if one is afraid to risk, one misses out on a great deal.

Stay tuned . . . . . .

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