Sunday, February 8, 2009

Borrowed Time

I should be studying for two exams I have next week - Econ and Spanish. Instead, I am emailing my brothers and sisters. The news about Dad is not good. We are trying to figure who can go out to see my parents and when. I will be going out in a month for spring break.

Dad's doctors said they were not going to give him anymore chemotherapy since it doesn't seem to be doing any good. They told him to go home and call hospice. He said he wasn't ready for them right now. My Mom is holding up well. She is the firstborn of four children, two of whom are gone - her brothers. There's only Mom and her sister left. Mom is a rock, but I've seen her scared side and she is terrified of losing her Love of 48 years.

My youngest brother reminded us that last May, Dad was given 7 months to live and that was without doing anything. Here we are, 2 months past that and Dad is still with us. Matt said Dad is living on borrowed time. There are many prayers being said for my Dad.

As I run the race of school this semester, I am also running a race against time for my Dad. We all know what the eventual outcome will be, we're just hoping he has a few more months. Death is never convenient.

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