Saturday, February 21, 2009


I usually title my emails to friends, family members, co-workers, etc. "Stuff" when I don't have a particular subject in mind or when I'm not quite sure what I want to say.

I was amused by the posting on Deb Peterson's blog re: Are older nontrads stuck in the 70's? My best friend in Phoenix is a museum archivist for a local Native American Community. He is a self-professed "stuckee" - stuck in the 70's. Steve is not a nontrad, but the 70's were a wonderful time for him. He loves 70s music, 70s fashion, 70s nostalgia. I think sometimes we tend to cling to the times in our lives that were good for us. We have to realize we can't live in those times, that we need to move forward and live our lives progressively. No, I don't think all older nontrads are stuck in the 70s.

E. Sheppard sent me a comment along with some encouraging words. Thank you, Elizabeth! I appreciate your encouragement. When one is juggling lots of stuff at one time, it's nice to know one has cheerleaders. Elizabeth mentioned on her blog that she was down (from Kentucky) in my neck of the woods a few weeks ago visiting the Museum of Appalachia - one of my favorite places. I got to meet John Rice Irwin, the founder of the museum, about a year ago. I was so tongue tied! He's shorter than he looks in photographs, but he is quite personable. I hope you come back to the Museum again sometime soon, Elizabeth. The Fall Homecoming is a great time to visit the museum as well as the 4th of July Anvil Shoot.

Friends are wonderful cheerleaders. Steve is a great cheerleader. So is my friend, Jenny, who just moved to Raleigh, NC. When I go back to Phoenix for spring break, I will be spending time with some of my friends. I'm looking forward to that. It's important to have cheerleaders as a nontrad because there are times when you feel, "What??!! Was I thinking??!!" That's when the cheerleaders step in and shout, "All the way down the field, six points!" They help one to refocus and move toward accomplishing one's goals.

There's my stuff for the evening. I need to get back to homework, studying, de-stressing . . . Stay tuned . . .

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aboutdeb said...

Hi Zickbee,

Your 70's friend...all I can picture is striped bell-bottomed hip huggers! That, for me, sums up the decade. I graduated from HS and college in the 70's. Disco-mania.