Monday, February 23, 2009

Joined at the Hip

I hate to admit it, but my laptop and I are joined at the hip. I feel lost without it and wonder how I ever got along without it? My carpool buddy, Dennis, calls my backpack my "appendage".

I spent this past weekend in lovely Louisville, KY at a volleyball tournament with my daughter and husband. As always, my laptop and schoolbooks were in tow. By now, the other parents are used to seeing me with my head buried in my schoolbooks or my laptop while I wait for my daughter's team to play. They know not to speak to me unless I initiate the conversation. That means I'm coming up for air and I need some human interaction.

While some of the other moms went with their daughters to the mall after their matches on Saturday, I stayed in the hotel room and took notes on my Anthropology readings for this week. My daughter, Megan, is such a sweetheart. On the way up to Kentucky on Friday night, she took my laptop in the backseat and designed a lovely screen saver for me. Of course, she also informed me how delighted she was that I always brought my laptop with me. It is her portal to the "outside" world of Facebook, etc. And I thought she liked me for me. Hmmm.

Megan's team won the bronze medal this weekend. Not too bad considering there were close to 50 teams at this competition. Several parents of the girls on Megan's volleyball team have expressed their admiration at my "powers of concentration", ability to "stick with it" and "I don't know how you do it!". I told my husband that I don't want people to admire me or to be impressed with me. We each have goals in our lives. There are steps we need to take to accomplish those goals. I am no different from anyone else who desires to accomplish a goal. My steps are just a little more visible.

In the meantime, have laptop, will travel and study. (groan!) Stay tuned . . .

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