Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where Seldom is Heard A Discouraging Word

My Mom greeted my weekly phone call one night by singing these words to me. She wanted to know how school was going for me. My Mom is one of my biggest cheerleaders. She went back to school to get her Master's in Education when my siblings and I were in middle school and grade school. Have I mentioned before that I am one of six children? My Mom is a very brave woman.

I was perusing through E. Sheppard's blog this afternoon (she's listed on my blog list, I was very encouraged by all the great information and encouragement I found on her blog. There have been times as a nontrad when I have been very discouraged. E. Sheppard's blog is great for lifting that burden of discouragement!

I took a Computer Science class a year ago that was the most difficult class I have taken to date. It was even more difficult than Statistics. The class was basic computer programming. If it was not for the teacher and her constant encouragement, along with an excellent tutor, I would not have made it through the class.

As a nontrad, we need to surround ourselves with people who are encouragers. We need the support of other nontrads, whether they are "newbies" or veterans, whether they are online, like E. Sheppard, or whether they are on campus. Encouragement is the lifeblood of a person who is undertaking a difficult task.

Several years ago, during the summer Olympics, there was a female marathon runner who stumbled into the final lap of the marathon. Overcome with heat and exhaustion, she waved off the officials and others who tried to come to her rescue. Her Dad finally came alongside her and ran with her to the finish line. She wanted to finish that race under her own power. Her Dad realized that and his encouragement enabled her to do so. The encouragement of others - family, friends, other nontrads - will enable us to reach the goal of finishing the race strong. Go for it! (Thanks, Dad. I love you.)

Stay tuned . . .

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