Monday, December 14, 2009

Take a Deep Breath

Deb Peterson blogged recently about how to "Relax Through Your Finals". She reminded us that the holidays are stressful enough without throwing finals into the mix. How true! I blogged about this topic on Nov. 16 in "Chicken Little and Feeling Overwhelmed".

I think one of the best ways to NOT feel overwhelmed during this holiday/final time is to organize your priorities. Right now, your number one priority is getting through finals. When that is finished, you will feel as if a weight has been lifted from your shoulders. What are some other ways to relax through your finals?

1. Simplify. As nontrads, we have to realize that the minute we stepped onto that college campus or got onto that website for the first online class, our lives became incredibly more complicated. Do not place the unrealistic expectation on yourself that you will still be able to have the same elaborate holiday you had before you became a nontrad. It's okay to simplify and not do all that you have done in the past. You may find that a pared-down version of the crazy holiday season will fit better into your lifestyle.
2. Delegate. Is there something that absolutely MUST be done? Let someone else do it! Delegate that thing to your spouse, your children or pass the tradition on to a younger sibling. Take this time to create unique "family bonding" experiences. Was the Honeybaked Ham forgotten about and now you have run out and get the grocery store version? It's okay. Take the kids with you to help pick out the "best" ham.
3. Be creative. Don't have time to get those Hungarian Nut Horns made? Get some Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, cut out the crescent shapes, and sprinkle the dough with chopped nuts. Call it the abbreviated version of the Hungarian Nut Horn and name the cookie after your family - the Jones Nut Horn.

Christmas is not supposed to be a time of running ourselves ragged, especially if we have had an exceptionally challenging semester. Christmas is a time of remembering that a very simple Man came into our world in a very simple way. It's a time of remembering those we love and giving the gift of our time to them. This is supposed to be your semester break, a time of rest. Don't go back to school exhausted from the break. Stay tuned . . .

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