Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Plan B

I have learned that one must always have a contingency plan or a Plan B. My original plan for school was to graduate a year from now and pursue my Master's in Public History. Hmm. Plan B.

Due to a recent family crisis, I am resorting to Plan B, which was formulated this morning. I am reducing my class load from 16 to 12 hours next semester, which will extend my schooling out another semester or more. But that's okay. I will also be working 30 hours (75%) so I can get benefits and tuition reduction (keep your fingers crossed).

Sometimes, things don't always go as we had planned. I believe the mark of a mature and growing person is how we deal with those detours in the roadmap of life. (I know that sounds a little cliche!) Flexibility is so important. My life motto is "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall bend and not break." The only time constraint I have on getting my degree is self-imposed. As long as I am making progress toward that degree, all is well.

So set goals and make plans - those are good things. However, always have that ace in your pocket, that Plan B, just in case life throws you a curveball. Stay tuned . . .


Anonymous said...

Plan B's often work out better than Plan A's would have done.

I hope it works out that way for you & Happy New Year.

marry said...

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