Monday, December 7, 2009

Wrapping It Up

As I write this post, fire trucks are screaming through campus. Most likely a bomb threat pulled by someone who does not want to take their final exams because they chose to party instead of studying. That always happens, unfortunately. Speaking of final exams, I had my second final today. Two down, one to go (on Wednesday). I've made it this far.

I have to talk to my history mentor tomorrow. Not sure how that will go - all I can do is take him what I have (for my senior thesis) and see if that dog'll hunt. (Sorry - gotta have an East Tennessee sense of humor.) I have always told my children that when they go through a difficult situation, they need to stop and ask, "What am I learning from this?" So, what have I learned from this? The most important thing I have learned is to ask questions, get clarification, speak up if things aren't going like you think they should be going. I was frustrated and exasperated with the lack of progression on my senior thesis. I thought I was doing what I should have been doing. I am still in the process of analyzing this whole situation.

I guess the lesson I need to learn out of this is not to depend on other people, even when I am not sure what is going on. My educational experience is just that - MY educational experience. I am the one who needs to make it happen.

Mmmm - nice lunch of crow and humble pie! Chalk it up to "experience" and move on. Stay tuned . . .

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Anonymous said...

Glad there is light at the end of the 'thesis' tunnel, albeit a dim one. 'Get Clarification' I totally agree with that one. Ask & ask again until it's crystal clear what they 'the lecturers' are asking you to do/prepare/submit - this is so important at undergrad level - I am not sure it is at post grad as they are not really the ones doing the asking - we are - & I am learning that I have to 'be bold' etc. My fingers are remaining crossed for you.