Thursday, December 17, 2009

Using the Resources Available

Once my semester winds down, I like to do a self-evaluation. How did it go this semester? What did I do well? What could I have done better? How will I apply that to next semester?

There are plenty of resources on campus to make sure you, as a student, succeed. Granted, these resources are more used to seeing 18-20 year-olds than nontrads. Part of the tuition is an activities or services fee. The resources are there, are either cheap or free, and are convenient (on campus).

Some of the resources available to you are:
1. Tutoring: each department should have a pool of tutors. Some of the more difficult subjects (Math, Chemistry, etc.) will have a more visible tutoring presence on campus. Sometimes the tutoring is free. If there is a fee for tutoring, it is often negotiated between you and the tutor.
2. Writing: There is an office located either in the library or in one of the more visible buildings on campus. The folks who staff this office, very often student volunteers, are there to help you learn to write better. They will critique your paper and give you suggestions, but they will not write the paper for you.
3. Research: the library will have librarians who are solely dedicated to one topic. They are quite helpful when it comes to looking up resources for research.
4. Counseling: the student counseling center on campus is another free service. It's good to know they are there if you need them.
5. Office of Information Technology: Having a problem with your computer? This is the office you want to go to. This office may also be staffed with work-study students, GTA's and several university employees.
6. Gym: Your student activity fee covers this one, so make sure you take advantage of all the exercise equipment, exercise classes, etc.

What other resources does your school offer? Whatever they are, take advantage of them. They will be part of your success as a student. Stay tuned . . .


flit said...

I have been thinking about visiting our Academic Skills centre and then not doing it (grad students are supposed to have it all under control already, right?) ... perhaps you're right though...I should go talk to them; that is what they are there for, after all.

E. Sheppard said...

When I was back in school I noticed lots of free resources. WKU had a free tutoring center PLUS a great exercise building, which had classes and equipment, PLUS a pool and walking area. I wish I had tried all of the college resources out at least once. Next time (IF there is a next time) I will do that. I enjoyed your posting.

Anonymous said...

I visited the Student Development Centre yesterday and picked up a few leaflets. Everyone needs a bit of help now and then - even as a post grad. I used the Academic Writing tutor as an undergraduate and, although I had no major issues, she helped me polish my writing to its current high standard. I think its a mistake too often made that the help is only available for the younger students or new undergrads. As flit says - "that is what they [Student Development] are there for, after all."