Friday, June 25, 2010

Do You Really Want Your Degree?

Last week, one of the ladies in the Electrical Engineering office retired. I had heard a couple weeks earlier that she was going to retire, so I asked my boss if that would open up a spot for me. She said no, that they have to replace that position because it is a crucial position for the department - it is an HR position.

At the beginning of the week, my friend and co-worker, Julia, came into my office and said, "Rumor has it you want that job over in Electrical Engineering. Why didn't you tell me?" I told her it was because I did not want the job. Someone must have heard something wrong.

Julia knows that my degree is my priority. I have come too far and have worked way too hard to put my degree on hold now. Besides, I am only a year from graduation. I want to go on to grad school.

The job in EE would represent stability, insurance, a retirement plan and all the things someone my age would "need" to be comfortable - and miserable. I would hate it. I don't like HR stuff, I don't want to work in an office full of women and irresponsible students, and I aspire to greater things than being an administrative professional for the rest of my life. For some people, that's great. But not for me.

I have a dream - to get my degree - first my Bachelor's, then my Master's, perhaps even my PhD. That dream comes with sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears - I know that. I am prepared to do all that - and more. I want a college degree. I want my Master's degree. I am ready to give up being comfortable in the short run so I can make a difference in the long run.

What about you? Do you really want your degree? What will it cost you? What will you give up in the short run? This road is not an easy one. Those who have traveled it, or who are currently traveling it, know that. Hang in there. Keep trudging along. Because at the end of the road is your college degree and that degree WILL make a difference. Stay tuned . . .


E. Sheppard said...

You go, Zickbee! We are rooting for you.

University-Bound said...

I agree, that you must be tenacious, and keep marching toward your bachelor and masters. I have similar plans, and any job I take is always really just a stepping stone to help me toward my ultimate goal of my degree(s). For me, the reason I am doing a dead end job right now is because I did not have enough foresight, when I was younger, to know and to understand that getting a university degree is eminently useful for avoiding such jobs. If you want to reach your goal, you have to keep moving toward it. Life is too short to be distracted.

Caz said...

I am trudging through mine and am realising how hard it can be, however, I've waited for 20 years to start this and have spent the last 4 trying to get here. This post (and University Bound comments) has spurred me on and made me realise I'm not the only one who sometimes questions the worth of it all.