Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Grace in Moderation

I've been giving yesterday's post some thought. While it is important to keep our brains engaged over the summer and not let them go totally couch potato, we still need some down time to regenerate. Just don't DEgenerate.

How does one accomplish this? Read! Reading stimulates the brain with things like new vocabulary, comprehension, etc. Reading is walking for the brain - simple, low cost and very effective.

So, give yourself grace. If you don't want to boot camp your brain this summer, at least take it out for a walk every now and then by reading. Turn off the TV, walk away from the computers, toss the cell phones and iPods in your underwear drawer for a couple hours and read! You may be surprised by what you learn! Stay tuned . . .

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E. Sheppard said...

I am a great believer in reading too. They say more than 3 hours a day watching TV is super bad for you. My Aunt says watching it every day is also bad. She doesn't have a TV. I don't know how I would like that, but I have been trying to cut down and do more reading too.