Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quotabulary - Your Attitude

I attended ITT Technical Institute of Knoxville's 80th graduation tonight. A friend of mine is the Chair of the Information Technology and Business Departments as well as the Interim Chair of the Electronics Department. He is one busy man!

I have never been to a technical school's graduation before and I wanted to attend to see what it was like. It helped that I knew one of the faculty members. I came away with a story of inspiration and today's quotabulary quote.

Melissa Shanken was this term's valedictorian. She earned a Bachelor's of Applied Science Degree in Criminal Justice. She earned her degree while attending ITT Tech, working full time and raising her son as a single mom. In her graduation address, Melissa told her fellow graduates, "I am convinced that the attitude with which you handle life's circumstances will determine your outcome." She chronicled her struggles with not wanting to write one more paper, or study for one more exam, but having to do so anyway while still attending school functions for her son.

How many of us have been there? Melissa also said she knew she couldn't quit because she didn't want to be a poor example to her son. Melissa had plenty of support along the way - from family, friends, ITT faculty and staff. She was definitely an inspiration to all who attended tonight's graduation ceremony.

What about you? What kind of attitude do you have? Are you determined to get your degree? Are you determined to make good grades or are you satisfied with just squeaking by? Do you feel like quitting? Remember Melissa and what she said about your attitude. Resolve to handle life's circumstances with a positive attitude. A positive attitude will take you much farther in life than a negative attitude. Stay tuned. . .

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