Monday, June 28, 2010

Grace in Weakness

"No one on this campus right now knows how I feel." I remember thinking that as I walked out of Dr. Sacco's office last November after she had given me the dressing down of my life and told me I would not be able to continue in the History Honors program. I was an inch away from feeling absolutely devastated, wondering if I really wanted to continue. I wanted to cry, but knew I had to get back to my office and get some work done.

I'm sure we've all had similar moments, whether it was the news that you failed a class, did not get the scholarship, or another similar situation. What do you do in that moment when it feels like the proverbial rug has been pulled out from under you? What do you do in that moment of extreme emotional vulnerability? First of all, it's okay to cry. That's a normal human reaction.

Second, give yourself grace in that moment of weakness. I am the kind of person who hates weakness - especially in myself. I am probably the hardest on myself. Yet, I am learning that I need to give myself grace. I need to realize that it's okay to be weak. Weakness does not constitute failure, but a chance to regroup and redefine.

So what about you? Do you find yourself in a place of weakness? Is it frightening for you? Give yourself grace to be there. It is also a place of learning. Let others come around you and be your strength. By giving yourself grace in the midst of your weakness, you are an example to others. Stay tuned . . .

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