Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Quotabulary - "The Phases of Life . . ,"

A friend of mine recently gave me a birthday card and gift. This friend has a knack for choosing very meaningful cards. The card she gave me talked about how each new day is like the waves of the ocean bringing new treasures to the shore. Sometimes the waves are calm and bring nice treasures like shells. Other times, the waves are turbulent and may wash up seaweed, animals and even trash onto the shore.

"The phases of life itself are as unpredictable as the moods of the ocean." Renee Duvall

My friend acknowledged that this year will be a year full of changes for me, that I will be facing some very different phases in my life - an empty nest, becoming a mother-in-law, graduating from college and moving on to grad school. I'm sure there will be other changes as well. The best way I can prepare for the next year is to expect the unexpected.

What about you? What are you facing this next year? You may know some of what you face, but much of it, you don't know. Melissa Shanken, ITT Tech's Valedictorian for this term's graduating class, said in her graduation address last night that one's attitude in the face of life's circumstances makes a huge difference. I know some of what I will face this next year. I need to maintain a positive attitude as I enter those phases of my life.

As I move forward with the last year of my undergraduate work, I know this phase of my life will soon end. However, in the midst of this phase, others are beginning. I guess I need to grab my life vest and hang on! Stay tuned . . .

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