Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pitch a Tent

I feel like I need to pitch a tent in the library. No sooner will I get caught up with my schoolwork then I will have to begin studying for finals. Such is the life of a student.

Studentmum made me laugh. She said that nontrads are referred to as "mature" in the UK, although some younger students are more mature that the "mature" students. She said she likes the "nontraditional" label better. Me, too. It makes us sound unique!

My Mom had each of my siblings and I share a memory of my Dad when we had the luncheon after his funeral. My older sister shared about going camping with my parents when we were younger. She said that she remembers waking up and there would always be a fire going. Who got up in the cold early morning to start that fire? Dad. He always made sure his family was taken care of. I remember struggling to set up the old canvas tent. What sweet memories.

Now, when I think of pitching a tent, it reminds me of safety and security and of hope. As I "pitch a tent" in the library, there is hope - to finish my degree (keep my fingers, toes and eyes crossed!!) and to work toward a better future. Stay tuned . . .

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flit said...

we're "mature" here in Canada too :)