Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stay in the Race

I have spent today being a condiment - catchup - get it??!! I spent the afternoon in the library and just got done with my Spanish homework from last week. I also have reading to do for Anthropology and History. I don't want to fall behind and get to a place where I will not be able get caught up.

It takes alot of hard work to stay in the race, especially when one finds oneself falling behind for one reason or another. It would be so easy to quit. But there are only a few more short weeks left in the semester. I know my Dad would have wanted me to finish the semester strong. There are few things I have learned these past few months about staying in the race. I'd like to share them.

Tips for Staying in the Race:
1. If you know you will be out of class for one reason or another, let your professors know as soon as you know. That way, everyone is prepared and your profs (and perhaps group members) aren't blindsided when they expect you to be in class and you're not.
2. Stay on top of schoolwork as much as possible. Find out from your profs what you will be missing and what you need to do while you're out (of class).
3. If possible, work ahead. Read those next couple of chapters so you're ahead of the game.
4. If you do fall behind, contact your profs as soon as possible. They should be willing to help you get caught up.
5. Stay in contact with all the pertinent people - profs, group members, and others who may be relying on you in class. If you don't communicate about what's going on, no one will be able to help you.
6. Be responsible in doing your part to get back on track. Don't shrug it off and fall off the face of the planet.

When I knew my Dad was sick and there was a possibility I would have to be out another time during the semester (in the event of his death), I let my profs know as soon as possible. When my Did pass away and I had to go out to Arizona for a week, my profs knew it was coming. I know they appreciated the communication and they are willing to work with me to help me stay on track and get caught up.

I do have some good news. I got two scholarships from the History Department. They are small scholarships, but every little bit helps. I asked one of my favorite history profs, Dr. Nancy Schurr, to be my "stunt double" for the History Honors Banquet and accept the scholarships in my stead. I understand she did a great job.

Staying in the race is not always easy. Achieving our goals is not always fun. However, if we want something bad enough, we will work hard to get it. I want to get my Bachelor's degree in History. I want to get my Master's degree in Public History. I am willing to sweat through whatever I have to in order to achieve my goals. I am going to finish this race!

Stay tuned . . . .


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see you're back in the race. I'm sure you will pace yourself though - don't rush to do everything at once.

flit said...

one of my profs keeps saying - whenever we complain about anything - that grad school is "supposed to be hard"

I must be doing it right then!