Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A reminder for my History class popped up on the calendar on my computer this morning. For just a brief second there, I panicked. I thought, "I didn't finish my paper!" Then I remembered, "I'm done!" Old habits die hard! It's strange not to have to rush off to the library to study or to write a paper. What will I do to occupy my time? How will I handle having so much downtime?

I remember a principle from one of my science classes years ago which states that nature abhors a vacuum. (Could that be why my house is such a mess??) Something will rush in to fill the time vacated by school. I need to resolve that whatever rushes in to fill that time is not a time-waster. These are a few things I thought of to fill that vacuum left behind by school:

1. Spend time with my family. Don't forget to tell them "Thank you" for their support and cheer leading throughout the semester.
2. Catch up on my reading. My "Books I Really Want to Read" pile grows taller by the day!
3. Hang out with friends. Renew old acquaintances and make some new ones.
4. Work in my yard. I need to work in the front planter around the mailbox. My son has some really good ideas for that area. We can have Mom and Ryan bonding time.
5. Enjoy a walk in the park with my dogs. Dogs are always so loyal. They are pretty much satisfied with whatever time you can give them. My dogs are great destressers.
6. Write a letter to my Mom. She likes getting snail mail even though she's becoming a whiz in cyberspace.
7. Write a "thank you" to my teachers/professors from this semester. They probably don't hear that often enough.
8. Reassess my list of goals. Am I still on target for where I want to be? Do I need to make any adjustments? When do I need to take the GRE? When do I need to apply to Grad school? What Grad programs do I want to apply to?
9. Declutter, organize and simplify. The more organized I am at home, the easier it will be as we all step into Megan's last year in high school and, possibly, my last semester in college.
10. Chillax! I've been moving at the speed of light for so long. It's okay to slow down and smell the fresh cut grass!

How about you? What are going to do with your downtime? Go on vacation? Learn a new skill? Do nothing? Whatever you do, enjoy it! Life is an adventure, live it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Stay tuned . . .

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