Monday, November 30, 2009

All I Want For Christmas . . .

I just read Deb Peterson's post, "10 Affordable Gift Ideas for Adult Students". The majority of the gifts mentioned were book bags. Build a better bookbag, and the world will beat a path to your door (or is that "mousetrap"?). Hmmm.

I was thinking about this recently (gifts for adult students) and here are my top 10 gifts to get the adult student in your life:
1. A gift card to a coffee shop (Starbucks or whatever is closest to campus).
2. If the adult student in your life has a school ID that doubles as a meal card, services card, etc., refill it for her - start at $25 or more. It's nice to have some "mad money" that no one else has access to - especially when the First National Bank of Mom has seen lots of recent activity.
3. A couple hours of quiet time by herself - "Do Not Disturb".
4. An audio book she can listen to and not read (since she probably has a huge 'To Read" pile on her nightstand already!).
5. A night of not having to do nothin'! Pamper her with a foot soak, nice candles, and soft music.
6. A gadget for her computer (wireless mouse, electronic media wipes, a new flashdrive, etc.).
7. Fill up her gas tank.
8. Take her car in for an oil change and a detail job.
9. Make dinner for her while she sits and listens to the children read or plays with the dogs and/or cats.
10. Offer to do her math homework.

I like that last one. I am not a math person, so if my husband would have offered to do my Statistics homework a couple years ago (then went over it with me), I would have been happy. The best gift for that adult student in your life? Be creative! If all else fails, get her flowers! Good luck. Stay tuned . . .


Betsy said...

Where do you find these wonderful resources! You're GOOD at this!

flit said...

all great ideas, if y'ask me... although good books that have NOTHING to do with school are also welcome here.