Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Am An Expert - Sort Of

I am excited! Not only is this semester finally coming to an end, but I have also been invited to speak to the Pellissippi State Community College's nontraditional student support group. Being as organized as I am, I put together a PowerPoint presentation for my talk. I am of the opinion that if a group is worth addressing, it is worth having visual aids for.

Betsy Boyd, group moderator, made up a beautiful flyer advertising my presentation. I am humbled. I never thought of myself as an expert at anything except raising children - and even that is questionable sometimes! I guess I am an expert at this nontraditional student thing - sort of. I walked around for two years without realizing there was even a name for people like me - "nontraditional student". Then I found other experts in the field with even more expertise than me - like Deb Peterson, Elizabeth Sheppard, University Mama and Studentmum, to name a few.

While you are going about life on December 3, think of me about 2pm EST. I will be sharing my nontraditional experiences with a group of fellow nontrads at Pellissippi State Community College.

Oh, and did I mention my senior thesis has taken another turn? I am now writing about media censorship in WWII. Interesting. (sigh) Stay tuned . . . .


Caz said...

That's great news! You are very inspiring - I'm sure you'll no doubt inspire your listners at Pellissippi State as you do me! Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your presentation - You'll be great & inspirational.