Friday, November 6, 2009

While We're on the Subject . . .

I just read a post by University Mama. She is stressed and needs some downtime. Working full time, being a student, and having to still be mom and wife is a hard thing to do. I know. I've done it, too.

My friends would often tell me, "You need to take care of yourself. You need to do something just for you." I would think, "I can't do that. I have school, work and family to take care of. Who has time to take care of me?"

I am finding that I must take care of me if I am to keep up with everything else. A broken-down me does not do anyone any good. Our society functions on, and advocates, go, go, go! However, there are times when we have to say, "Stop!" and "No".

I want to give University Mama a cup of coffee and make her sit down while I fix dinner or make cookies for her. Her post reminded me of myself last spring semester. I was moving so fast that when I finally dropped out of warp speed at the end of the semester, I had a hard time with doing nothing.

Yes, it is hard to be a nontrad when life is happening all around you. That's why we have blogs and support groups. No one understands the life (and demands of life) of a nontrad like another nontrad. I give a big shout-out to University Mama. Do the best you can and tell your family you love them (over and over and over). But do take some time for yourself - whatever you like to do that makes your heart sing. Listening to that song is a good thing. Stay tuned . . .

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Caz said...

You are so encouraging and I love reading your posts! Thank you!!